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Biothane Long Line Leash for Dogs with Detachable Handle



Please note: if you'd like go handsfree with your longline, pair it with our handsfree adapter!

Our Biothane long line leashes are perfect for dog training, hiking, camping, or anytime you want to give your dog the feeling of off leash freedom while still maintaining control. 

Made from 1/2" super heavy weight Biothane, they feature a trigger snap on one end to fasten to your dog and an o-ring on the other end. 

The detachable handle has been designed with two trigger snaps and a O ring, which allows for the long line to be used in multiple ways:  

↟ Clipped as a regular handle 

↟ Clipped around a secure object to use as a tie out (only while supervised) 


↟ Allow the line to drag on the ground with the handle removed

↟ Use the handle to attach the longine to the handsfree adapter 

↟ Can be used with the sliding O ring on the handle to neatly bundle and carry/store the long line 

Each long line comes with our Strange Tails moon charm. 


About Biothane

Biothane is a coated webbing material that is strong, flexible and lightweight.

It's also waterproof, doesn't smell and is and stain resistant, making it extremely easy to care for and clean. This makes it our material of choice for pups that love to swim or get dirty!

We use the "Super Heavy" Biothane for all of our leashes, handsfree adapters and classic collars which has a substantial and luxe feel to it. Our adjustable quick release collars and martingale collars use the "Standard" Biothane.

Care Guide

One of the best things about Biothane is how easy it is to care for and clean. Simply soak your gear in warm soapy water as needed. You can use an old toothbrush to scrub away any stubborn dirt. Rinse away any remaining dirt and soap residue with clean water.

Solid brass hardware naturally oxidizes as it ages. It can leave tarnish marks against the biothane, especially on the lighter colours.

To remove tarnish marks, we recommend using a magic eraser or a small amount of rubbing alcohol. Please ensure to thoroughly rinse your product with soap and water before using your gear again.

While Biothane is easy to clean, it does still get dirty. Please keep in mind that lighter colours will show dirt and tarnish marks more easily, and will require more frequent cleaning to keep looking fresh!

Go handsfree!

Did you know our longline with handle is compatible with our handsfree adapter?

Biothane Long Line Leash for Dogs with Detachable Handle


Just like all of our other Strange Tails gear, these long lines are seriously amazing. Love the weight, how easy it is to clean, and just the versatility. We use the handle as a handle, to store our long lines nicely, and also to attach our long lines to our hands-free adapter! Not to mention that they are just so aesthetically pleasing! Just so great for hiking and practicing recall. We are so obsessed!!

- Sunna

Customer Reviews

Based on 71 reviews
Loving it!

I have two long lines, the two dog swivel attachment piece, the hands free system, a 6 foot lead and a 5 foot lead with traffic handle.
These are awesome pieces to have and I love their cleanability and flexiblility in ways to use/attach them! I thought at first they might be too heavy for my small dogs (11 and 12 pounds) but they quickly adapted to them. I do find that because my dog is small, the leash I have with the traffic handle isn't especially useful. If I have the handle near her neck then I'm reaching too far down to grab it and if I have it at the top I'm not gaining a control advantage so for me it would be more useful to have to traffic handle in the middle of the length of the leash. (I guess I'll have to order another one ;-)

Eldrid Hesenget Larsen

Biothane Long Line with Detachable Handle

Emily McDonald
My new go to gear!

Well worth the money, especially while supporting a small Canadian business as a Canadian myself. The long line is amazing for my dog without rock-solid recall despite the fact that we take it to the beach and forest even the white cleans up nicely every time! The gear as a whole stands up very well to my dogs prey drive and has yet to give me reason for concern that it would break under the pressure of her pulling. Very well crafted and well loved in my household. 100% will be going back for more should I get another dog!

Sanke Yunge (honutheblue)

We’ve had lots of long lines throughout the years but this one is BY FAR our favorite. The biothane is durable but still so smooth. It doesn’t tangle on its own and knots don’t exist!

I highly recommend getting it with the handle because it’s life changing when storing it.

We got canary and we love it!

Love it!

My dog came with me when I moved from about an acre to a small yard, having this means I’m able to take him out to the field near my house and let him run and relax and feel more free. He absolutely loves it, he’s not much of a runner but having this means he gets to run around with his human sisters and brothers.


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