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Handsfree Adapter Sizing

Our handsfree adapters can be adjusted to be worn either across your body or around your hips. Use a soft measuring tape or piece of string to take your measurements. Keep in mind any layers of clothing that you may want to wear underneath the adapter.

Feel free to get in touch with us if you need a custom size or if you have any questions!

Adjustment Range
29 - 53 inches
31 - 57 inches
34 - 63 inches 
38 - 71 inches 

Classic Collar Sizing

We use a numerical sizing chart, making each collar custom to the measurement of your pup to make sure you get a perfect fit every time. Please reach out to us if you have any questions about collar sizing! 
Your dog's measurement in inches directly corresponds to the same number on our numerical sizing chart. For example; a measurement of 16” is equal to the middle hole of a size 16 collar. This is shown as the measurement between points A and B in the diagram below. Make sure not to include the length of the buckle in your measurement. 
Note: the best fitting hole on your existing collar, if using for reference, may not be the middle hole. Make sure to still measure to the best fitting hole regardless of position. See our measurement guide for detailed instructions on how to choose the correct size.
Find your size from an existing collar:
Step 1. Select a collar that fits your pup well.
Step 2. Place the collar on a flat surface.
Step 3. Measure as shown in the diagram between (Point A) and the best fitting hole (Point B). Note that the hole that best fits your dog may not be in the middle position on your collar. Make sure to measure to the best fitting hole as your measurement regardless of position.
Step 4. Round to the nearest inch. When in doubt between two sizes, size up. This is your numerical size!
Find your size using a soft tape measure/ string:
Step 1. Find a piece of string long enough to measure your dog's neck.
Step 2. Have your dog sit.
Step 3. Place the string around the neck in the position that your dogs collar naturally sits.
Step 4. Making sure to leave enough room to comfortably fit 2 fingers under the string, accurately find the point where the string meets itself.
Step 5. Keeping track of the point, remove the string from your dog’s neck and lay it flat so it can be measured.
Step 6. Round to the nearest inch. When in doubt between two sizes, size up. This is your numerical size!

Adjustable Quick Release Collar Sizing

Size Size Range
S 12-14" (30-35cm)
M 14-17" (35-43cm)
L 16-20" (40-50cm)
XL 18-24" (45-60cm)


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