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Adjustable Biothane Quick Release Collar

Buckle ColourCoyote Brown (1 inch ONLY)


Designed with durability and quality in mind, we’ve opted to use authentic Austrialpin Cobra FM buckles for our collars which are the best of the best when it comes to quick release hardware. These buckles are made in Austria from stainless steel, aluminum alloy and brass components and have an 800lb working load rating. 

Our quick release collars are made from standard weight Biothane, which allows them to be adjustable in size. This makes the fit of these collars much more forgiving than a traditional belt-buckle style collar! Each collar features two button studs that keep the adjustment mechanism of the collar in place. The buckles are available in black in 3/4” and 1”, and coyote brown in 1”. The rest of the hardware on the collar is available in your choice or brass or chrome. Each collar is finished with a Strange Tails moon charm to match your hardware selection. 

A few notes: 

- The button stud components are made from solid brass/ nickel plated solid brass while the backing pieces are made from brass plated/ nickel plated iron.

- While the quick release buckles we use are extremely durable, the black/brown finish will wear away with use. As such, we will not cover wearing of the finish or cosmetic damage to the quick release buckles under our warranty. 

About Biothane

Biothane is a coated webbing material that is strong, flexible and lightweight.

It's also waterproof, stink-proof, and stain-proof, making it extremely easy to care for and clean. This makes it our material of choice for pups that love to swim or get dirty!

We use the "Super Heavy" Biothane for all of our leashes, handsfree adapters and classic collars which has a substantial and luxe feel to it. Our adjustable quick release collars and martingale collars use the "Standard" Biothane.

Care Guide

One of the best things about Biothane is how easy it is to care for and clean. Simply soak your gear in warm soapy water as needed. You can use an old toothbrush to scrub away any stubborn dirt. Rinse away any remaining dirt and soap residue with clean water.

Solid brass hardware naturally oxidizes as it ages. It can leave tarnish marks against the biothane, especially on the lighter colours.

To remove tarnish marks, we recommend using a magic eraser or a small amount of rubbing alcohol. Please ensure to thoroughly rinse your product with soap and water before using your gear again.

While Biothane is easy to clean, it does still get dirty. Please keep in mind that lighter colours will show dirt and tarnish marks more easily, and will require more frequent cleaning to keep looking fresh!

Adjustable Biothane Quick Release Collar


Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Cathy Davis
A Few Tries, but So Worth It

This collar was originally a gift, but the design had a flaw that has been since corrected. ST replaced the collar free of charge with their new design, but through a mix-up, with the wrong size. One more try....we exchanged for the correct size, and bingo, we have the right size, matching the hands-free leash. Collar & leash now work well, look great, and I was so impressed with their effort to recover with flair. Highly recommend for their quality products and excellent customer service.

Renee L.
Juno loves her new collar and leash

We're so happy with our purchase. Our pup looks great in her teal collar with matching leash. We love the two-tone colour on the leash, how easy everything is to clean, and how durable the products are. We're still training our girl to walk on leash, and so far the gear has withstood her pulling very well.

Kaely Horsburgh

Updated version is fantastic. Love it with the rest of our gear from strange tails

Nancy Rodriguez
Love my leash and collar combo

I have a giant schnuazer … I ordered the olive and black 4 ft leash with the low traffic handle. I was worried how sturdy this leash would be because he is very big and very strong. Thankfully, the leash and collar have held up well. I have multiple leashes but this is my favorite! I will be ordering another one as soon as the hard wear is in.

Isabelle Aerni
Great collar!

We love our new follower. It’s super easy to adjust to size. And looks great on our dog Blu! We have been using it for about a month and have not had any issues.


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