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Leather Waste Bag Holder


Our leather waste bag holders are stylish, durable, and ready for adventure! Whether you're hitting the breweries or hitting the trails, your poop bags will get there in style. 

Handcrafted from the highest quality vegetable tanned leather, these waste bag holders are extremely durable and will stand up to sun, rain, dirt, slush and any thing in between. As with any leather product, they will break in over time forming a beautiful patina and becoming softer and darker with use and exposure to sun and water. Each waste bag holder will age slightly differently and have it's own unique characteristics - think of it as a reflection of all the places it's been! 

Our waste bag holders are finished with solid brass hardware and a Strange Tails stamp on the front flap. 

About Leather

Our leather products are made using the finest quality full grain vegetable tanned leather. Vegetable tanned leather is still tanned using traditional methods involving the ‘tannins’ from plants and tree barks, much the way it has been done for the last several thousand years. This process is a slow and painstaking art when compared to the modern methods of using chromium and harsh chemicals that can shorten the process from several months to just several days.

Only 10% of the worlds leather is still tanned using these old-world methods, but it is widely regarded as the best leather on the market. Additionally the tanning process does not pollute the environment like chromium tanning does. We are committed to both the quality of our products, and to ensuring our environmental impact is as low as possible, so using Veg Tan leather was an easy choice!

Every step of our leather working process is done by hand, including taking the extra time to bevel and burnish the edges of the strap. These are techniques that leave the cut edges of the leather shiny and smooth, making them very comfortable in your hands and against your dog's skin right out of the box. Before our leather products leave the studio, they are conditioned with mink oil for a boost of hydration.

Since leather is a natural material, no two products will be exactly the same and there may there may be some small imperfections in the material as well as variation in colour from product to product. Products that are made with Vegetable Tanned leather will be slightly stiff when first purchased. However, with time and use the leather will form a beautiful patina and darken, while at the same time becoming more soft and supple. This is a completely normal part of the aging process and what makes leather such a beautiful material to work with.

Care Guide

With just a little bit of maintenance, your Strange Tails leather goods will only get better with age.

We recommend conditioning your leather products with Mink Oil or a similar leather conditioning product every few months, or more often if desired.


Leather Waste Bag Holder



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